Sunday, 30 January 2011

Science Sunday: Hyacinths

One of the problems with teaching children about growing plants is that it takes so long that they have lost interest way before anything appears.  I think this is why you get the ubiquitous cress seeds on cotton wool in every preschool in the world.
This time of year the shops near us are full of bulbs and so we invested in a hyacinth bulb in a hyacinth jar so that we could do something a little different.  In just four days it went from no roots at all to this:
A is in charge of his "little beauty" and checks it about 100 times a day. Now all we need is the flower to appear.
Science Sunday


  1. I love the way these flowers smell. Should be fun to watch grow.

  2. Okay, I so need to remember this plant for when we study botany.

  3. I don't know why but I just can't get them to grow. They just sit there and rot. Sigh. Hope yours grows quickly!

  4. Phyllis the trick is to have the water in the jar so it only just touches the bottom of the bulb, if it is high enough to go up the sides that's when it rots. (high school science teacher in a former existence!)