Friday, 21 January 2011

Number Recognition meets StArt: Postman Pat at the Seaside and a Posting Game

Postman Pat is a perennial British children's character that has travelled round the world.  He started off as a stop frame animation puppet on BBC Children's TV and of course the merchandise (like books) followed. Sadly nowadays although Postman Pat is still being made, like Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam, it is now computer animation.
We have a treasury with about half a dozen Postman Pat stories and have read them all this week. In the Seaside story Pat helps bring the beach to the village green with a lorry load of sand; it rings a few chords with us as one of the things we miss about the UK is that we can't have a day out at the seaside.  Alongside our favourite stories we all worked together to make a posting game for B.

First we made some cardboard box houses each with a number on the door.  Each has a letter box slot in the top, decorations are a family effort.
The letter themselves are cheap envelopes. These we stuffed with pages from a magazine and draw on a stamp.  B then posted the letters into the correct house.  We did the numbers 1-10 but you could use bigger numbers with older children.  This could be used with any postman story or even a community helper theme.
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  1. Fun idea and I love how it cute it is. It sounds like a great book series.