Monday, 17 January 2011

Science Sunday: Hot and Cold Air

This experiment was one inspired by my daughter R who requested a balloon experiment with the balloons left over from B's party.
First we took one small balloon that was blown up to the size of a baseball.
Experiment 1:We put it in the freezer overnight to see what would happen.
What did we think might happen? (Hypothesis): R has seen things put into liquid nitrogen at school that shatter so her original hypothesis was that it would freeze hard.
What did we see? (Result): The rubber of the balloon remained soft but the balloon got smaller.
Experiment 2: Then we thought of something else. we put it in a sink of hot water
What did we see?(Result): The balloon got bigger
What did we prove? (Conclusion): When the molecules that make up air are cold they're together, when they're warm, they're far apart.
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  1. Oh my is that a cool idea, I need to think if we have space in our freezer......

  2. Great beginning work with ths scientific method!