Sunday, 16 January 2011

Calendars for FREE!

Along with most of the world one of my New Years Resolutions is to be more organised with my time and resources.  One of the things I needed therefore was at least one calendar or planner and preferably FREE to download.  Now this is something that I usually resolve to do every year and every year the diary/calendar/planner is written in for the first few weeks or so and then abandoned as I find it gets taken down off the wall for update, buried on the desk under papers etc etc etc and I go back to using a spreadsheet.  The web however is full of lovely examples which maybe this year just maybe I will use properly (who am I kidding ;) )
Here are a selection of my favourite links that I found for if you want your own:

HP create centre - customise with your own photos

canon has lots of calendar-  not just the hang on the wall photo ones; crafty paper sculpture ones, triangle ones, desk ones,

my free calendar maker does good plain utility ones allows you to upload your own photos as well.

Uh oh, now I have more excuses!

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