Saturday, 22 January 2011

Outdoor activities: Painted Pots

One of the problems with living in a rented house is that you can be limited to what you can do of  any permanence.  Add the fact that we are having to move at the beginning of July (despite the fact we will have only been in this house for about 11 months) and you begin to think "Whats the point" if you aren't careful. One of the things that the older kids are really missing about the UK is our garden.  Every year we make a point of getting them to grow something of their own choice (A has chosen carrots every year so far and has already announced he wants to grow carrots in the new house).  This year we haven't wanted to plant anything that they would be attached to and so make the move harder but they have both requested that we go to the garden centre and get some flowers to grow.  This project is therefore something of a compromise.  We painted cheap terracotta pots and used them for seasonal plants from the local supermarket, nothing too permanent there and we get to see the flowers before we leave.
Everyone really enjoyed the painting bit.

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