Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Letter A: A is for ant:Counting Ants in a nest

Following on from making our anthill for our ant theme we counted raisin ants into a nest.  This is just the plastic insert from some mincepies destined for the recycling bin but you could use a muffin tin if that is all you have at hand.  I cut some circles of paper and wrote the numbers 1-6 on them and glued them into the bottom.  The idea is a simple one count out the "ants" to match the number.  The tray could (and probably will) be reused to fit any theme and of course for more accomplished counters you could use a 12 hole tray.

Did this work with B, the anti-number boy?  Well, as usual, the answer is no!  Still, I love spending my afternoons picking up raisins from the floor (doesn't everyone?) and since it is plastic the tray didn't do any damage when it was flung across the room at his brother ;)  Never mind, undeterred we will try again tomorrow!

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