Monday, 26 March 2012

Gardening with Kids

Spring is definitely sprung in this corner of Somerset.  Despite a proven black thumb we have decided to give growing some of our own food a go again this year.  This is not as easy as it sounds since although we do have a garden it is all planted with shrubs and so any "kids plants" end up in patio pots.  All is well for the first few weeks when everyone wants to join in but once the novelty has worn off all the watering is down to muggins here!  Add to this journeys to the Continent to visit Daddy during the school holidays and we usually end up with pots full of dead plants before the summer is through.
However, totally undaunted all three kids decided that they would like to plant some seeds (even "not putting my hands in that!"B), so I did something different this year and got a little plastic greenhouse to start the seeds off in. At £10 from Wilko it is not too much of an investment.

Whether it will work or not this year remains to be seen.  Never mind if it doesn't we still had fun planting everything and playing in the sunshine anyway...
As well as playing with the seeds and soil we found this flower pinwheel to make and play with.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Blog

No I am not abandoning Blogger but I have had some comments that it is getting so the only things I post these days are resources links!
This is for several reasons.
The first is that B is at Nursery every morning and so the time I spend with him has been substantially cut.  The second reason is that I actually find lots more (good and free!) activities than I actually use - I think it is only far to share these finds.
The third reason is that even when we do present the resources to the kids they may not like to do them and a post stating the fact is not worth posting.
In order to balance the situation I have started a sister blog where I can list just the resource links.

Whilst it is empty at the moment I plan to populate it with resources that are free/sorted by theme/ sorted by activity and with a wide age range just as we have always done here; and of course it will get more frequent posts than this blog because it is easy to grab screen shots but not so easy to grab photos of kids actually doing the activity.
I will post updates here as and when I use resources as well so if your looking for printables come and visit the new blog.