Sunday, 4 April 2010

Threading Activity for Toddlers

B isn't really into "traditional" toddler level activities - probably because he is too busy getting "ideas above his station" as my husband would say and trying to join in with his bigger brother and sister. We made him this activity to help develop fine motor skills and it is one that we would have done earlier with the other two.
The idea came to me when I saw toilet roll necklaces on Mozi Esme
First we took 3 toilet roll tubes and cut them into 3 to make rings. A decorated them for me whilst B was asleep. Then we took some gift ribbon (about half inch wide and nice and stiff) and stapled it to one of the tubes. Finished. The inside of the tubes are wide enough to get his fingers into to help pull the ribbon through...Of course he only wanted to play with it after he saw A playing it with ;) Thanks A!

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