Sunday, 4 April 2010

Kids costumes: flower cape

With the Easter holidays upon us and the older children at home for the week I have decided to post how we made some costumes for them to play with last half term holiday. The first one was for R. It is an easy peasy flower cape/wings from my fabric stash.
Making a cape is dead simple. It is a rectangle or semi-circle of fabric with a smaller semi-circle cut out for the neck and something to fasten it round the kids neck with.
This one is a semi-circle.
First measure your child armspan. (I'll call this A)
Half measurement A (call this measurement B)
You want to start with a rectangle of fabric that is B wide by A long. I made my life easier by using a nylon fabric that won't fray so no hems!
Fold this in half along its length to give a square.
Using a push-pin and some string make a "compass". Place the push pin on the fold at the top and draw a quarter circle with a radius A. Cut this out (when you open your fabric back out you should have a semi-circle).
Keep the fabric folded for now as you mark out the semi-circle for the neck. You can use the same compass method but I used a small paper plate folded into quarters to give me the outline for the neck hole. Be careful less is more here the semi-circle has a smaller diameter than you think; remember you can always make it bigger later.
Take a length of ribbon that will go round the neck hole with about 10 inches to spare at either end of the neck. Sew this to the neck using a zigzag stitch so that the "tails" hang down evenly either side.
You now have a basic cape (ready for your basic superhero :) ) R wanted something more so having extra ribbon in our stash, we embellished.
First I used a paper plate to mark and cut some scallops along the bottom edge (we did six even curves).
I sewed ribbon on to define each "petal" as you can see in the photo.
We then added loops of ribbon so they came halfway down her lower arm so that when she moves the cape acts more like wings.
Add the tiara and tah-dah one flower fairy and one happy girly.

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