Sunday, 11 April 2010

Kids costumes: superhero

A's favourite dressing up costume of the moment.
The basic cape is made the same way as R's flower cape but left plain.
The next thing we did was to create a "zorro" style mask with eye holes that tied round A's head. (Basically one long strip.) This worked OK but kept rolling up so I decided we needed a cap bit for the top.
First I took a paper plate and drew round it onto the fabric.
I then cut this out and then folded it half and cut to give 2 semi-circles.
I then measured the curved edge of the semi-circles and cut a strip that was this long and a couple of inches wide.
I then sewed one long edge of the strip to the curved edge of first semi-circle. The other long edge of the strip gets sewn to the second semi-circle and you are left with a basic cap.
We then took the "zorro mask" and sewed it along the bottom edge of the cap (leaving the long tails to knot at the back so it fits your superheros properly).
Add extra decoration to the costume if you can get your superhero to stop saving the world long enough!

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