Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Letter B: B is for bus:Magnet Page

Once again we went to the make learning fun site and used their magnet pages for a do-a-dot activity. We did both dot painting and putting coins in the dots using this page although there are other letter B magnet pages on the site.
Then we had a pretend bus ride with B as the driver. We used a shelving unit that we happened to be building (B's idea I just grabbed the opportunity)and the steering wheel from MarioKart WII. We also made fake tickets and took the bus to the beach talking about what we might see out of the windows along the way. It turned out to be lots of animals so that we could all join in with the animal sounds. The song of the day was of course "The Wheels on the Bus" - what else! Finally we played with a toy bus that you can take the passengers in and out of. Of course if we had wanted to we could have added a field trip taking the bus somewhere as well.

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