Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sensory Bottles: Discovery Bottle

Gather together any toys or charms that are small enough to fit into your chosen bottle and hide them inside something like rice or sand. This one kept B occupied longer than any of the others so far (whereas the older kids like the other bottles better). He was particularly interested in the figure of a snowman which we hid in there and kept saying "Man in rice" and shaking it about until he found it again.
We have just started off with a general assortment of objects but you could do all things to fit a theme; for example all beginning with the same letter, or a set number of things or the same colour or all the same kind of object (e.g. all dinosaurs).
You could have a list of objects to find and check off (either words or pictures for pre-readers)or have them write a list of all the things they find (have a round number so you know when they have got them all).
We didn't seal the lid on this one (hope I don't regret that :) ) as I want to be able to vary it by changing the objects from time to time.

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