Monday, 7 March 2022

Bruno the Bear Quilt

 "Read this, Nancy and Barry have a van." says my husband and hands over his phone for me to read a long and amusing email about how to make the bed in a van when you go camping in Vancouver.  To summarise Barry has hit his head so many times whilst fitting the sheet he is contemplating a hard hat as essential in-van equipment...

OH emails back "We also have a van and I sleep in it every week when I am at the office and not home, D made a quilt to use instead of a sheet. She could make you one."

"I am married to a quilter" comes the reply "that is a serious commitment."

Cue a video call where we discussed lots of stuff  (I show the Yoshi Quilt as an example of  'stuff I have made...' and I offer to send some sketches. "Something Canadian" is the only requisite.  OH insists that is should 1) Do it in grey as their van is all grey. 2) If it has to be Canadian then it should be a Canadian flag.

I decided to make up 5 designs for approval. The Canadian flag, a design based on the "Northern Lights" block, a beadwork inspired snowflake, a Salish inspired salmon and (because Nancy is originally from Ontario) an Ojibwey inspired bear.  You can see which one Nancy fell in love with!

It is at present with a longarmer being quilted with an all over bear panto (although I am getting a little jumpy as we have heard nothing since the second week in January).  Hopefully lots of photos of the finished thing to come.

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