Thursday, 10 February 2011

stArt- Owl Babies

Owl Babies is a beautifully illustrated story about three baby owls who wake up one night to find their Mummy is gone.  It is a lovely gentle story about separation and how it is OK in the end.  It is not too wordy but has a repeating chant of "I want my Mummy said Bill" that the kids love to join in with.
This book has special place in my heart because when A was 3 it was his favourite book (aside from the Thomas the Tank Engine stories of course!). We bought it when he was having trouble being left at Nursery School in the hope that it would help him learn how to separate from me (it didn't, but that is a whole other story) and he requested it every night for months on end.  B was introduced to it once or twice but has only recently developed a long enough attention span for me to get past page 2 in any of our books!  This morning however B and I were woken up at 2 a.m. by A and could not get back to sleep right away so we crept downstairs to read a book or two to try to get B to sleep.  A meanwhile went straight back to sleep in B's bed - typical!  The book B chose was Owl Babies.  Not only did we have it in the early hours but throughout the morning he kept bringing it back to me again saying "Bill lose Mummy! Read it! Read it!" so we temporarily abandoned our plans for using valentines based stuff and switched to owls instead.
The first idea I had was to use a toilet roll and cover it with feathers and stick on eyes and beak for an owl face; I must have seen this somewhere at some point but I can't for the life of me think where... anyway, the feathers are conspicuous by their absence from the craft box so I decided that we would do some shape cutting and sticking instead.  Using the template from First School found here this is what we made.
Come to think of it this could fit in with a Valentines theme since it is made from heart shapes.  Ours is a night time picture because the story takes place at night and it is definitely Mummy Owl because she is flying.  B was OK about  putting the glue on the shapes but didn't want to make the picture, that's what happens when your big brother wakes you up at 2 a.m. I guess!  When we get a chance we will add more owl themed stuff (see trace make etc), until then this was just a quick morning project - hope you like it.


  1. you know, this is another popular book that I have yet to read. I am putting it on my library list.

    Coming thru from stART

  2. Very cute! That's a great book. Thanks for the link too. We're always looking for fun templates!

  3. It's very cute. you're right it would make a great owl theme craft.