Sunday, 6 February 2011

3 part cards -a montessori style resource

3 part cards are a way of introducing vocabulary and sight words to young children.
For each word you want to introduce you have:
a card with a relevant picture and the word underneath- this is the master card
a card with just the picture
a card with just the word

The idea is that the child finds the matching picture and word cards to recreate the master card.
For a more accurate description of use in a classroom setting go here for the expert ;)
For older kids the picture part of the 3 part card system can be replaced by a written definition.
Here are some of the sets we have found around the web;

Butterfly lifecycle
Herbs and Spices
land,air,water and fire
Living and non-living
Valentine themed cards (p 27 and 28 of a 154 page pdf from musings of me)
In due course I am hoping to create my own sets which I will be adding to the resources label on this blog as we go. If you know of any others that can be shared let me know.

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  1. I've always found 3 part cards to be intriguing. It's one of the aspects of Montessori I like the most.