Saturday, 12 February 2011

See Trace Make Resources: Animals

Being a kind of "go with the flow" activity kind of Mum I have lots of stuff that is prepared ready to use.  Some of may never see the light of day to be honest, but it is nice to have something to hand if B or one of the other kids picks up an idea and runs with it, nothing stops an interest stone dead like having to stop and make something to carry on.  
The result of this is that I have started to post resources as I prepare them - with no words of how well the kids like them because often they have yet to be used. My OH doesn't like this of course he prefers the posts with words!  If you would like to share them for use with your kiddos feel free, that is why they are here.  The graphics I have used are from a site that lets you use and adapt clipart images so long as they are for personal/educational use only, they are not owned by me and any resources made from them should not be offered for sale.
As a reminder of how to use these sheets see the initial post here.  To download any of the files for your own use click on the animal name to be taken to a download for the pdf.




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