Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cutting and Sticking: mosiac

One nice thing about moving into a new house is it gives you the opportunity to rediscover all those books and toys which had been pushed to the back of the cupboard.  One such set was a "Crafty History" group of books that I bought in a sale a few years back, put into the cupboard and then overlooked completely.
R re-discovered them in our new house and was immediately taken by the Roman history one where they make their own mosaic with cut up bits of paper.
Ours is a group effort using coloured paper from our craft stash and the side of one of the bigger cardboard boxes from the move as the base.
First I drew a simple daisy's pattern and then the kids and I filled it in (R deserves the prize for most of the work).
We didn't have black paper for the bumblebee stripes so we used black paint and improvised a square stamp but it didn't really work too well so we switched to a brush and decided to use paint for the sky and grass as well.

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