Monday, 20 September 2010

Recycling Crafts:Windsock

The wind has definitely decided that it is Autumn and is blowing for all it is worth - it's almost like being back in the UK.  This was a quick weekend craft make to take advantage of the weather.
You will need:

large plastic bottle, ours was about 1.5 litres
ribbon or string to hang the windsock up
plastic carrier bags

Cut the bottle into rings each about 4-5 inches high.
Take a hole punch or pair of scissors and make two holes in the top edge of the bottle opposite each other.
Cut a length of string or ribbon and tie each end to one of the holes to give a hanging loop.
Punch holes around the bottom edge of the ring.  We did eight holes (even number) to be able to use two colours.  How many holes you use will depend on how big your bottle was to start with.
Cut the bags into strips and poke through the punched holes, tie each one with a double knot at one end to make a long tail.  All of this is good practise for little fingers.
Hang somewhere it can blow in the wind.

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