Saturday, 11 September 2010

Paper Crafts: Kung Fu Panda Wall Masks- update, link no longer valid :(

Our first playdate since moving to Northern Germany.  A is a decided Kung Fu Panda fan since we bought the DVD over the summer and when we collected his playmate he was clutching a cuddly Po so this seemed a brilliant rainy playdate activity.
The free downloadable patterns for these Kung Fu Panda 3-D wall masks are from the HP Activity Centre along with some other nice stuff.
We have made Po and Viper so far but there are five to choose from:  Mantis, Po, Monkey, Viper and Tigress.  The instructions and artwork are available to download separately for each character and work well with the ones we have made so far - although I have to admit we used sticky tape not glue (not as pretty a finish but more instant results).

So if you have a Kung Fu Panda fan in your home (or a fan coming for a playdate) why not give these a go.


  1. Are this template still avaliable? I tried to use the the link but it keeps reedirecting me to "", maybe because Im from Brazil.

    I know its been a long time, but is there any other way to get these models?
    Thanks :D

    1. Sorry but it looks like these have been taken down by HP because I get the same message :(