Saturday, 11 September 2010

hairy maclary game

Using the images from here I made up this simple card game.  I would make a .pdf for download but I have a feeling that this would be a serious breach of copyright.  But here is how I made ours for our own personal use.

The object is for the players to attempt to collect all six dogs featured in the Hairy Maclary story.
Each player has one long card with the pictures of the six dogs.
The remainder of the cards are shuffled and placed face down between the players.
Players take it in turns to take a card from a pile.  If it is a dog they still have to collect then they can add it to their collection.
If not they put it back in the middle.
If it is Scarface Claw then they have to remove one of their cards.
Winner is the first player to collect all six dogs
We made six of each dog for the single picture cards and only three of Scarface.
Let the game begin!

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