Saturday, 18 September 2010

File Folder Games: Dinosaur colour matching game for download

I have to confess I hadn't really come across File Folder Games as a concept until I started reading homeschool blogs during the last year.  File Folder Games along with Lapbooks were often mentioned and I didn't know what they were.  What I discovered was that File Folder Games are home-made games that allow learning and reinforcement on any subject and any level; they can be for kids to work on alone or for multiple players; and there are thousands of examples on the net for you to to inspired by or even use directly due to the generosity of some great educators.  This game is one such.
This file folder game is free for download from File Folder Fun.  It is a simple one to one colour matching game that you could use on its own or as part of a dinosaur theme and is listed along with several others on this page.
B got this straight away.  As I passed him each dinosaur he put it straight on the different shaped one that matched in colour (I think the only one he hesitated over was the purple one which he initially matched with the pink).  Of course we talked about each colour as we put them into the game as well.

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