Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Science Sunday: Sunshine and Shadows

Sometimes the most successful sessions are the ones you make up on the spot.
It was an absolutely beautiful day here yesterday and A decided off his own back to get out the sidewalk chalks.     As he came back into the cul-de-sac he remarked that he could see his shadow.  Cue the "oldy but a goody" science lesson.

We first marked a line on the ground and where A's toes where and then drew round his shadow (and Daddys!) Then I asked A what would happen to his shadow during the day. (Answer "Nothing") We came back to it at 45 minute intervals and what do you know the shadow had moved round and got shorter!  Unfortunately Daddy then decided to park his work car on top of our experiment and when he moved it later the sun had gone behind the building so maybe we will choose our site more carefully next time;)

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1 comment:

  1. I like how you asked him to predict what happens. I bet he was surprised to see his shadow move :)