Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Little Red Hen

The project for May 2010 over at Unplug Your Kids  is "bread".  I avoided doing last months project because I could not think of anything creative for "flat" and at first I could only think of the obvious for bread and actually bake some.  Then I was looking for some links to go with the story bags I have been trying to put together and I found a link to an online version of "The Little Red Hen".  Well that was my lightbulb moment so here are the resources to go with the story.
The story itself is thought to be a folk tale which was originally written in the 19 th century.  The hard working red hen finds a grain of wheat and plants, grows, reaps, and mills the wheat and then bakes the flour into bread.  Along the way she asks the "who will help me...?" of the lazy animals where she lives all of whom answer "Not I".  Today there are many versions of the tale and which version you have dictates the animals involved in the tale but the choral nature of the text is usually common to each version.  At the end of the tale the red hen having done all the work keeps all the bread for herself - the moral of the tale,hard work pays off and if you want to share the benefits you have to work with the team.
The story can also be used to teach plant life cycles; sequencing, farm animals, and crops as well as linking into a baking session!
Without further ado here is a list of resources you could use to tie in with this version.  This version has a duck, a dog and a cat as well as the hen but obviously if your version has different animals you might need to adapt it slightly.

Photos to follow once I get my camera back from OH!

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