Thursday, 27 May 2010

Railway Tunnel

If you have boys the chances are that you have a train set.  The only trouble is that once the bug hits it can get very expensive.  A and B are always piling up things to make bridges etc.  to go over the basic track; and they usually fall down within 30 seconds (cue the temper tantrum!).
Having got fed up with rebuilding every circuit of the track when the boys played with the trains I decided to get them a tunnel.  This is when I discovered how much these things are (yes it does really say 34 and a half dollars!) for a plain arch glued to a piece of track.
So having had a scout around the house here is our version

Yep it is a washing detergent bottle that was destined for the bin that has been cut to shape.  I love a freebie!

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