Sunday, 16 May 2010

Letter C: C is for Camera: Camera I-Spy

There is something irresistible about digital cameras for my kids.  So much so that often I put my camera away save and sound and when I come back to it it has no battery left and a full SD card.  It is interesting to see what they think are noteworthy things to take photos of. 
One of the things that A likes to do is just look at the world through the camera - not necessarily take photos but just use the camera to focus more clearly on what he is doing.  B has picked up on this and I saw him doing this yesterday.  So why camera I-Spy? because the camera can be used to build his vocabulary.  Here's how it works.  I sit him on my lap so we can both see the screen and I zoom onto something of interest in the room, I then ask B what it is, what colour it is, what shape it is, who it belongs to etc (he's not quite up to what letter it begins with yet but we'll get there!).  Having the screen limit the field of view is perfect for helping him concentrate on a limited number of objects and makes it easier for him to guess what it is I'm talking about.

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