Monday, 8 March 2010

Unplug your kids project: sphere

This months project on Unplug your kids is "Sphere". In the past the projects have been weekly and despite our best intentions by the time I managed to think of or fit in an activity to match the project the week was well and truly over. One of these days I will be a super-organised mega-tidy model of efficiency; round about the time that I celebrate my one thousandth birthday and win the Nobel Prize! Now however they are appearing monthly instead so we stand at least a chance of getting organised before the party is over.
This weekend we had yet more snow (like the 10+ weeks -yes weeks!- that we had snow on the ground weren't long enough) so we took this as a sign and went outside in the garden to have (probably) the last snowball fight of the year. Snowballs are spheres right! We played "who can throw the snowballs the farthest", "who can throw the snowballs the highest", "who can throw the snowball into the goal"(a basket) and "who can get the snowball through the basketball hoop". Sadly I have no pictures as bitter experience last year taught me that my over-enthusiastic son, snow and cameras don't mix. I hope if you are taking part in the project you have as much fun as we did.

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