Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

In honour of the sphere project over at unplug your kids we got out the bubble mixture today. Since it is inches deep in snow in the garden the bubble machine was replaced by good old lung power whilst the boys shared their evening bath.
B loves bubbles - in fact I think one of his very first words was "bubble" and being only just over 2 gets very excited when we use them. He also wants to blow them himself so the bubble fest was punctuated by "me try, me try!" he even managed to blow a few; he has got the blow air bit right but does it through clenched teeth rather then making the right shape with his lips, it was nice to see that even when he only blew one bubble rather than a stream like everyone else he didn't give up and sulk (he is so not his brother and sister!).
For the older ones I asked them "why is a bubble spherical?" "Can you blow bubbles that are other shapes?" This is what we plan to do today. We will use some plastic coated wire to make bubble blowers that are other shapes instead of just a circle and see what shape the bubbles are. R with her usual initial enthusiasm has bet me thousands of millions of pounds that she can blow a square bubble. That's me off to buy a retirement villa somewhere warm then!

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