Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sensory Bottles: Slow Motion Bottle

The idea behind this bottle is to have a thick liquid through which your chosen objects of interest fall slowly. The other examples I have found of this use corn syrup but the thought of the mess if the bottle broke put me off! Instead I used a cheap shampoo and some star spangles. Unfortunately the shampoo was not very transparent so whilst it worked OK it was not ideal. Next trial was with the clear shower gel and silver glitter as well as star spangles - perfect!
Of course I could recycle the bottle with the shampoo to make another bottle but first I have to get it off my 6 year old who keeps having races to see which is faster. Kept him occupied for ages. Result! Another thing to try is rolling them, weird things happen due to inertia (sorry my secondary school science teacher roots are showing!).

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