Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Letter A: a is for apple: file folder game

This is a simple lowercase/uppercase letter a match-up game using apples as the theme.  I have to own up, although I intended to finish the one I started myself for B with this idea I found this one already to download and go for free over at preschoolheaven a while ago. I had totally forgotten about it until it surfaced from the thousands of files stored on my computer during an unrelated search.  When I tried to find the file online so this post can link to it all the site content has disappeared.  It is owned by the same person who runs filefolder heaven so maybe it had moved...  Anyway to give credit where it is due the cute graphics are by someone called Tricia Clarke.
Here it is in all of its glory - I still think it would be simple to make yourself if the original is lost for good.

I had intended to use it with B this afternoon but this is what a morning at Nursery School does to you!

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  1. The file is now part of a downloadable unit (free) from here