Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Free Planners

This week we used lists to plan our half-term holiday activities so we didn't look round on Saturday and say "What did we do all week other than watch DVD's?"  This must have struck a chord with a lot of people because I came across this link to loads of free planning pages over at Pinterest.  Whilst I love all these lists because they look so pretty I don't have the resources to print out a new sheet for every new week let alone day.  One of the comments however had a brilliant suggestion - use page protector pockets and a dry erase marker, I already have some of these to use with B when we are using the whiteboard for letters etc, and already use page protectors to recycle many of his tracer sheets- why didn't I think to carry this idea across to my own planning?
If you would like to download a new style of list for your own planning here is the link to the round-up that someone has kindly done.

Now all I need is the will-power to actually follow up the plans...he he he!

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