Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Numbers and Counting Meets Fine Motor Skills:Clip Cards

Clip card games are those where you clip a peg (or clothes pin) onto a corresponding number/letter/word to match the picture on the card.  These are ideal for B since he has now developed the finger skills to clip pegs onto things; aided and abetted by the fact that since he and his brother managed to bend the steel post that held up the washing line by swinging on it there are lots of pegs around the house that are not in use at the moment.

In this case we used one file from Play 2 Learn Printables "Fall Leaves Clothes Pin Numbers" available for free download from here. We also found this site called Preschool Printables that is nothing but free printables with lots of sets including this kind of activity.  We decided to use the Road Emergency set and printed just the clipcards.

The files were printed and cut into separate cards and then laminated.  This leaves us the option to do as many or as few as we like.  Probably the latter since B's battlecry is still "No Counting!" :) - we have tried one or two so far but B is more interested in making patterns around the edge of the card rather than working out any learning problems.  Never mind at least I have a resource for future use. Two steps forward, one step back is still progress even if sometimes it doesn't feel like it.  Naturally the cars set was more popular than the leaves but we can re-use them for an autumn theme later on this year.

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