Monday, 29 August 2011

Letter P: p is for Pig: Roundup

We have spent today having fun with "p is for pig"

R made finger puppets out of felt and told B the three little pigs story ( he loved joining in with blowing the houses down and giggled himself silly at R's impression of the wolf with a burnt bottom after climbing down the chimney!)

We tried colouring and printing practise with this tracer page from Making Learning Fun but B wasn't really into this today...

We also found this counting game on the Making Learning Fun site- similar to the grid games on the Mama Jenn blog; roll the dice and cover the appropriate number of piggies, you could use counters, pennies or any other kind of manipulatives to cover the pigs, we thought "mud splats" would be kind of fun (although strictly speaking the images are of piggy banks) and it also gave R and A cutting practise! B was more interested in doing a one to one covering activity than playing a game and taking turns so this is back in the folder for another day.

I also created this puzzle. I have seen similar ones around and I don't know whether to call it a number sequencing puzzle or a strip puzzle but it is completed by arranging the strips in numerical order - in this case 1 to 10.  Download the pdf from here.

Muddy pig pictures using fingerpaint; something that B has only just really started doing these last few months (he is now three and a half!) but boy is he making up for it, we only just managed to stop him doing "mud" on the carpet, walls, his siblings...  Funny thing was though that he didn't want to use the finger paint on the actual pig where it was supposed to go, he used a cookie cutter as a stamp instead.  R did her typical neat job and A only just remembered that he wasn't supposed to cover the whole outline at the last minute...

Using a cartoon image from clipart for free we created a lacing page for those fine motor skills and used purple thread.  Not that B was interested in this either (sigh)

We also tried to get B interested in pig and pink see trace make pages

We had a more luck with the p is for pig magnet page  which we used with glass nuggets and pompoms.

So there you have it, lots of preparation, not a lot of interest in most of the activities.  Oh well, onwards and upwards anyway; maybe they can be used with more success by you guys.  Who wants a blog that is intimidating because it doesn't own up to those things that don't work with their individual child!
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