Saturday, 21 May 2011

Back in the UK!

This is the end of our first week back in the UK.  It has been spent buying school uniforms, shoes, school bags, and a cat flap and not a lot of time for blogging.
Why the cat flap?

After losing our last cat in 2007 we finally are taking the plunge again and re-homing this lovely lady by the name of Bessie.  I contacted the CPL just one week ago to put our name down if they had any cats that might be suitable for a 3 kid family, we were lucky, they already had Bessie in their care.  We went to visit her on Wednesday and got the thumbs up as her prospective family. She is 6 years old and living at the Cats Protection League until next Tuesday when she will be dropped off at our house whilst the kids are at school.
Big week next week, new school, new pet (and for B first-time pet); unpacking can wait!

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