Thursday, 31 March 2011

Letter S roundup

Over the last few days we have had coughs and colds and so we have had extra children at home.  This is not as bad as it would seem because although the activities that I am doing with B are for preschoolers R and A want to help B to learn so they join in which can (sometimes) encourage him to do stuff for longer than 10 seconds!  Normally although we try to do letters and numbers and the like I am lucky if it holds B's attention for more than one activity.  That's OK though as I have a kind of unwritten rule and that is that it is easier for anyone to search for an activity if it is posted on its own in a blog post.  For once I am breaking my own rule. Here is a round-up of some of the things we did for the letter S over the couple of days.

spotty sticker s - using small sticky dots rather than larger stickers gives those little fingers more of a workout.  B did this one all on his own.

paper plate spiders web - again done by B, we did intend to add a spider but that part of it was "too scary".  R insists on calling this a "toddler dreamcatcher" :)

Letter s minibook from First School - still needs to be coloured in.  B not into this although he did do some other artwork on the table instead!

Scarecrow playdough counting mat (number 10)  and Squirrel Playdough mat (number 5) from Tired Need Sleep

Scrambler size sort from Tired Need Sleep.  B was not into having photos taken of these and kept scooping them up to take them away so here is part of one very dodgy photo just in case you don't know who Scrambler is (Bob the Builder would be horrified ;) ) there are actually 8 shapes.

Lower case letter s  and upper case s workbooks from Sparklebox (too hard for B but a good link nevertheless)

paperplate sun - we liked the painting part as you can see, the idea was that when the plate was dry we could snip round the edges (scissor practise) this did not go down well with A ("you're not cutting my little beauty!") or B so we gave up on that bit; but there is nothing to stop you extending the activity by cutting round the edges and adding a smiley face once the paint is dry.

sunshine alphabet file folder game - file folder games always a winner because they are so structured.

Snowman size sort from Confessions of a Homeschooler (along with other s is for snowman ideas here) B is OK with 3 snowman but struggles with more than this - getting there though.

Starfish split pin animal - part of this set to download from Sparklebox (made by R but played with by B!)
there is also a shark in the same file (made by A)

We also raided our book shelves and had stories from the Thomas series about Skarloey and Spencer.  I hope you find some of the links useful - and if you do let me know.

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