Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Farm themed resources for download

Musings of me has done it again with another gigantic (144 pages) pdf of learning resources this time all about farms.  Whilst I love the stuff she makes it is aimed at in between B and A really, and as per usual this size file caused my printer to go into meltdown as well so I am printing off the activities separately a few at a time.

Pages 5-18 contains see,trace,make sheets and we started off with those for A - they are kind of too simple for him really but give him a chance to practise his writing which is something his school and the Educational Psychologist who is assessing him have been worried about.  I think it is just that he hates writing and will go to any lengths to avoid it rather than he lacks the muscular development to do it properly but maybe we will have to agree to disagree with the experts on this one.
The pdf includes see, trace,make sheets for :
True to form they have cute cartoon-like graphics to make them very appealing

For B I printed out the three-part-cards.  He is getting the hang of them providing only a few (4-6) are presented at any one time or he finds them a bit overwhelming; but he is able to do the activity quite easily. I also caught him counting them (although he stopped the second he realised I was listening) - he got all the way to 10 (!) not a big achievement for most 3 yo but B has always thrown any counting activity away with "No Counting!" as his battle cry up till now.
Pages 20-23 inclusive contain the 3-part cards.  Again cute or what.  The subjects included are the same as for the see,trace,make sheets.

No doubt I will use more of the activities over time.  In the meantime to download your own copy of the file go to Michelle's post here.

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