Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Party Games: Paper Plane Attack

My littlest is 3 at the beginning of January and so we have been thinking about birthday parties past and present.  One of the games that we played at the last party we had at our house was "paper plane attack" and all the kids involved found it an absolute blast.
You need enough kids to divide them into two teams and a fairly big space to play this in.
Put some kind of barrier down the centre of the space (we used a line of chairs).
Give each child two pieces of paper and get them to make paper planes from them.
When everyone has two planes divide the group into two teams one each side of the barrier.
You have one referee who has a watch to time 1-2 minutes.
When the referee says go everyone throws their planes over the barrier towards the other team.  You are allowed to pick up any planes that land on your teams side of the barrier and throw them back.
When the time is up the winning team is the team with the least number of planes on their side of the barrier.
Have lots of rounds to decide the overall winning team!

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