Thursday, 30 December 2010

Cooking for Kids: Stilton Mushrooms on Toast

One of the nicest things about being in the UK is the large choice that you get in the supermarket.  It was something that I totally took for granted until my husband was working in the Netherlands and we spent school holidays there with him.  Stilton is the most famous blue English cheese but I have yet to find it in either Germany or the Netherlands so as a result I usually buy a wedge when we are here.  Luckily for me this was sitting in the fridge when I needed a quick supper and was watching Nigel Slater with his Christmas Suppers on iPlayer.  This is my adaptation of his recipe which you can find here.  He suggests serving this with rice or as an accompaniment to steak - we just had it simply on plain toast.  Delicious.  This amount would have served 2 (or one very hungry mum with Dad having a taste now and then ;)  )

approx 300 g of button mushrooms, sliced
dried thyme
200g Stilton
50 g  pinenuts
toast to serve

Fry the mushrooms in the butter until soft.
Sprinkle over a pinch of dried thyme whilst they are cooking.
Crumble over the Stilton and pinenuts.
Allow the Stilton to melt into a creamy sauce.
Serve on toast.
About 10 minutes start to finish!

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