Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Learning the alphabet:alphabet frieze

How many millions of alphabet friezes are there in the shops -all cute as can be and costing a pretty penny most of them too. This is an idea for a basic lowercase letters only frieze that you can add your own pictures to later as you introduce each letter to your child. Of course I couldn't resist using it as cutting with scissors and taping with sellotape practise too!

We took plain white A4 paper and divided each sheet into six squares. In each of the squares we wrote a letter of the alphabet (in a random order). Next time I intend to use a tracer font(wherethe letters are made of dots) and get my son to write them in himself but I just didn't think of this until too late!
For the background we stuck sheets of coloured A4 together with sticky tape to make a long strip.
Get child to cut the white paper squares out and place in alphabetical order. Tape onto the background using sellotape.
Fix to the wall.

As an ongoing project add pictures/photos of examples of things that start with the letter from magasines or the childs own drawings etc in a line under each letter.

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