Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cutting and sticking:"Stained glass windows"

Age range: 2 and over with adult help
This one is an oldy but easy to adapt to a wide age range!
You will need:

Thick coloured paper or card (we used black and dark grey)
Cellophane or tissue paper
Scissors or craft knife
First decide on the design for your window. We used our names (we are trying to get our youngest to recognise his written name) but it could be any pattern or theme. Draw the design on the paper making sure that there are "bridges" to stop areas like the inside of the capital "A" falling out. Older children can draw their own design or use stencils to create your pattern. Cut out the areas you want to be coloured, if it is a simple design you can get away with scissors but you may need to use a craft knife.
Turn the paper over.
Get your child to cut strips of cellophane or tissue paper using the scissors (doesn't have to be neat) for younger children tear tissue paper.
Glue the strips over the paper so that all the holes are covered.
Stick on a window and let the light shine in!

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