Sunday, 18 January 2015

Autism resources: "calm down" bag

B is becoming more and more difficult to engage at school,  This has resulted in something that I produced first for A being revisited.  The calm down bag.  Used whenever A got himself in a state it was given to him and he was given 5 minutes alone to calm down.

The original contained:

bubbles - in order to be able to blow bubbles you have to control your breathing
squishy ball for tactile stimulation; ours was made from balloons and rice - A WILL put it in his mouth and I don't want him swallowing the contents of a commercial stress ball since I don't know what is in it.
chewy tube for oral stimulation. This came from a SEN products specialist and cost about £15.  We have also tried dog toys etc in the past up they don't stand up to being chewed as well as this has; it also has the benefit of being able to fit in the steriliser on those rare occasions when we manage to get it back!
discovery bottle for visual stimulation - we used water/glycerine with chopped up metallic shreds.  But we could have used any of our other bottles - see here for master list.
Dried pasta - again for oral stimulation A likes crunchy things.

This hasn't been necessary  for a couple of years now but over the last year but A has started to take it in again since starting a new secondary school where it lives in "the Blue Room" which is the timeout room for kids with learning difficulties.

B doesn't like to chew like A does, although he has started on his cuffs lately so his version would not have the chewy or the pasta.  Just have to convince the school to let him use it now!

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