Friday, 19 September 2014

How to turn £20 into hundreds - week 5

Short and sweet posting this week due to kids with sick bugs (lovely!)

Find of the week more dishwasher tablets - this time in packs of 10 for £1 in Poundland.  Question is how many do I need to buy since I carried over 100 from last week. I am in danger of becoming the mad dishwasher tablet hoarder!  I bought 3 to make the spend in Poundland an even fiver.

Also found in Poundland packs of Fruit Strings (for the kids lunchboxes) Normally I would buy and use 2 packs for £3.50. At £2 for 2 packs I have saved a third of what I would normally pay.   Bought 10 packs (5 weeks worth).  Weekly payback will be £3.50.

From Morrisons bought pasta shapes on the 5 for £2 deal you seem to find everywhere.

Also bought Ariel washing tabs for half price (30 for £6) these are more effective on the kids clothes especially white school uniform tops which cost £18 each to replace! Normal price 21p per tablet, this is 20p per tablet so only 30p saved in total but every little counts!

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