Monday, 25 August 2014

How to turn £20 into hundreds... Week 2

Start of week 2 (week beginning 25th August)

Money in stocking up fund this morning is £11.76 (2 x £5.88 from the dish washer tablets)

One offer yesterday at Tescos we found the smaller trays of cat food pouches were cheaper than the bigger trays for once!

Normally cat food would be £12.99 for 40 = 33p per sachet.  Whiskas have recently reduced the overall price but also the overall number of sachets.  Looks like a better deal in your basket until you do the maths...

On offer this week though (and until the 9/9) packs of 12 sachets are £5 for 2.  This means if I buy 4 packs then the overall cost is £10 for 48 = 21p per sachet  When the offer ends at Tescos I have seen an identical offer at B and M if this is longer term then I should be able to do this again.

Now for the maths;
I use   2 x 7 x 2 sachets a week for my 2 cats = 28 sachets
28 sachets x 33p per sachet = £9.24 per week under the normal supermarket price

Stocking up fund at start of week 2= £11.76 - £10 (for 4 boxes of 12 pouches) = £1.76

Adding in the new weekly cat food pay back = £1.76 + £9.24 = £11 at end of week 2

Value of stock for end of week 2 = £6.60 (cat food) + 53.76 (dish washer tabs)= £60.36

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