Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Holidays are here!

The summer holidays are finally here in the UK with a vengeance this week. Unlike other countries the UK only gets about 6 weeks off school. I must be weird because whilst other parents all around are bemoaning the fact that they have to put up with the company of their little darlings for a whole six weeks I actually like the company of my kids and wish it were longer. One parent I was talking to the other day actually described it as "torture" and this was in front of her children!
In order to keep us all happy and avoid spending everyday in front of the DVD player I did a little inspiration search a few days ago and have a plan for things for us to do together that don't involve us spending a fortune. (I hope!)

Here are the links I plan to use first:
Science kit with instructions and materials from Girl with a Gluegun.  One a day for 17 days and I'm sure I can add other experiments in the same vein.
Dinosaur ice excavation from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas
Angry Birds from Sun Scholars
101 ways to embrace summer and 101 more ways to embrace summer from Home Your Way

Yesterday was spent gathering together all the materials I think we will need for the long haul.  This year I have also included a notebook for each kid so we can use them as a journal.  R and A will be writing in them themselves - B will be telling me what to write.  A struggles with literacy at school and I hope doing this everyday about the things he has enjoyed doing will give him much needed writing practice.  B starts Reception Year in September (how did that happen!) and he still doesn't want to write anything himself; apart from the letter B on everything including the walls, his sisters pictures etc etc etc...

After a lazy start we had painted dinosaurs (A and B) and butterfly prints (R) completed yesterday.

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