Sunday, 28 November 2010

Fine Motor Skills: Clay and Playdough

A had a disappointing accident at school this week.  On the way out of the building he got caught in the general hometime scrum and dropped the snail that he had made from air-drying clay.  Cue one very upset boy!  On the basis that it would also give B a new experience I treated the kids to one pack between the three of them.
B decided that he needed to make an "occapus" because that was the picture on the pack.  I rolled out the sausage shaped legs and B joined them together and made the face.

A remade his snail on a skateboard (it is an homage to "Eric" the skateboarding snail in Snailsbury Tails childrens cartoon series on CBBC).

R made two snails by using coils although these didn't survive being examined by B :( 

 B then decided that he wanted to make a snail like his brother and sister so we made some playdough.
We followed the recipe at Prekinders which used boiling water rather than heating the dough in a pan - much easier than others I have tried.
In the end though we used trucks,cars and dinosaurs to make impressions in the playdough instead
and used cookie cutters to cut out shapes
Of course the playdough gets put aside to use another day for counting games and spelling mats.

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