Friday, 22 October 2010

Card Games: Nose

Number of players: 3 or more

For each player take four cards with the same face value from the deck.  Discard the remaining cards.
Shuffle the cards and deal four to each player.
The players are allowed to look at the cards in their hand.  The object is to end up with four cards of the same value.
All players have a go together.  Each player chooses one card to pass to the player on their left.When everyone says "1,2,3 pass" all the players put the cards face down on the table and pass them to the left together.  This is repeated until one player ends up with four cards with the same face value.  The player with the four cards puts their finger on their nose, all the other players have to do the same.  The last player to put their finger on their nose is out of the next round.
Before second and subsequent rounds remove four cards of the same value from the deck.
The winner is the player who gets four cards of the same value in the last round.

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