Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Science Sunday: Fun with magnets

This is kind of a learning activity for B that developed a life of its own :)
The original idea - (whilst the older two are at school) Fish shapes in different colours, each with a paper clip on their nose, pick up the fish with the magnet say the colour (we are keeping it simple for our 27 month old and using orange, green and blue).  Simple, classic done by billions of people since the dawn of time - well OK at least since the invention of the paper clip!
Here is what it evolved into:
This magnet thing sticks to these too!

and this

have you seen what happens when you put it in an entire box of these things

"Wow cool!" yep that is a direct quote!

The really interesting thing is that I let him run with it and choose all the objects to test with the magnet and they were all without exception made of metal.
Maybe colours can wait for another day!

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  1. I remember student teaching, and having a kid tell us all about how you can't put a magnet near a computer because he broke his teacher's computer. That cracked me up.
    And, I'll agree with him, "Wow cool!"
    And, I love the name of your blog.